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Episode 292
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QCOM Stock Free Trading Lessons Online
How To Trade Stocks and Options Podcast

Show Notes

In this video, we talk about trading Qualcomm. The opening trade, we bought long calls for $3 and I call this as a pilot buy.

A few months ago I changed my trading style to be more directional, take more advantage of models like what we've built here versus just doing like a put credit spread. Because even with the put credit spread, it may work but it may not work enough.

Your losses need to be the shortest time in trades because you are cutting them short.

I don't need to buy options that expire 3 or 6 months from now, I'm paying a lot more for it. I may pay like $4 for that option. Or in Qualcomm probably like $7 because that's a technology stock that moves a lot more.

The shorter I go, the better that works. Also, I buy in the money long calls to take advantage of these. But also keep in mind how much extrinsic value that I pay for it.

Extrinsic value is the amount of time decay left in the option. I wanna keep that to $0.25 or less.

The worst case scenario if it sits still but I lost $25 of contract. But I can move on from that.

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